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Running Umbraco source code

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If you are trying out Umbraco content management system (CMS) using the source code (as oppose to using the Web Platform method recommended for end-users), you may encounter the following problem.

Upon running the solution (or more specifically the umbraco.presentation project) for the first time, you may get a login screen instead of the setup screen.

imageLogin screen

imageInstallation screen

After getting the login screen, you maybe thinking “Ok. Since I reached the login screen, there must be some administrator credentials that I can use to access the administer the site.


There is no default administrator credentials.
The administrator’s password is set as part of the installation setup.
But wait, we get a login screen. 
We didn’t get any installation screen.

At this stage, you are probably wondering what’s going on.
The cause of this is because the application setting umbracoConfigurationStatus in the web.config file is set to some value.


To get the installation screen, we should be setting the value for that setting to be an empty string.


After you saved the web.config, you should see the installation screen.

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