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How to install Mono on Ubuntu

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This blog post describes my installation steps to get Mono running on my Ubuntu.

I will write another blog post on testing this installation.


  1. You have Apache HTTP Server installed
  2. You know how to start a terminal session and run commands there.


  1. Add Mono Project GPG signing key
  2. Add Mono Package Repository
  3. Add mod_mono Repository
  4. Update package cache
  5. Install Mono
  6. Install mod_mono
  7. Enable mod_mono
  8. Reference

Mono Project GPG signing key

This step adds the GPG signing key to your key-ring.
This signing key is used to make sure the installed files are valid.
To add the key to your key ring, start a terminal session and run the following command:

sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF

zhixian@SARA: ~_120

Add Mono Package Repository

This step add the Mono package repository into apt-get list of available package repositories.
Enter the following command at the command-line of the terminal session:

echo "deb http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian wheezy main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list

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Add mod_mono Repository

This step adds the repository for mod_mono to apt-get list of available package repositories.
mod_mono is use by Apache HTTP server to interpret .NET web pages.
To add the repository, run the following command at the command-line:

echo “deb http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian wheezy-apache24-compat main” | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-xamarin.list

zhixian@SARA: ~_124

Update package cache

To update the apt-get package cache to use the repositories that you just added, run the following command at the command-line:

apt-get update

zhixian@SARA: ~_125

Install Mono

To install the complete Mono package enter the following at the command-line:

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

zhixian@SARA: ~_126

After the initial listing of the packages that will be installed, you will be given a prompt asking if you would like to proceed install Mono. Enter “Y” to proceed with the installation process.

zhixian@SARA: ~_127

zhixian@SARA: ~_128

Install mod_mono

Run the following command to add mod_mono:

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-mono

zhixian@SARA: ~_129

You might see an error exit status at the end of the installation process.
This is due to some configuration issue in the installation process.
I’m not too sure what exactly is the issue but it seems fine to ignore it.

zhixian@SARA: ~_131

Enable mod_mono

mod_mono is enabled by running the following command:

sudo a2enmod mod_mono

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