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Minix3 Basic Software Sets

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This is done by executing the following commands at the command line:

# pkgin update
# pkgin_sets

When executing pkgin_sets, it will show the following screen and prompt you to install each set one by one.

Zhixian’s note: The software installed can be found in /usr/pkg/bin (or /usr/pkg/sbin for system executables).

First prompt installs:

  1. openssh
  2. vim (exception from the above note; executable is found at /usr/bin/vi)
  3. curl

Second prompt install:

  1. git-base
  2. bmake
  3. gmake
  4. binutils
  5. clang

Third prompt installs:

  1. bison
  2. groff
  3. perl
  4. python (the executable for python is named “python2.7” instead of “python” as found in other installations.)

First Prompt:image


Second Prompt:image


Third Prompt:

For some reason the tiff library is missing from repository.


Installation complete:image


Searching and installing the tiff library that got missed out earlier.



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