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How to update your Kindle Touch firmware manually

This is a blog post describing how to update your Kindle Touch firmware manully.

The firmware is the software that runs on your Kindle Touch device. You might have to update the firmware if you did a factory reset and then found that you could not register your Kindle Touch any more. This is probably due to the system that was handling the registration of the Kindle Touch device is no longer available. You probably would see a screen like the below:


The instructions to transfer and install the software updates can be found here (as of 2018-05-27). The rest of this blog post is simply a more descriptive version of the instructions stated.

First, I note the version of the firmware that my Kindle Touch is using.
Assuming you are on the home page, this is done by clicking the menu button and select “Settings”.


On the Settings page, click on menu button and select “Device Info”.


A “Device Info” dialog would popup. You can see the version of the firmware that your Kindle Touch is using on the 2nd last line of the dialog content. As stated in my screendump below, my Kindle Touch device is currently using The latest version of the software as stated on the software updates download site here is (as of 2018-05-27).


To update the firmware, go to thesoftware updates download site and download the firmware to your computer. This is done by going the web page and clicking the “Software Update” link as shown below:


After you clicked the link, you should received a file named “update_kindle_5.3.7.3.bin”.
After the file is downloaded to your computer, connect your Kindle Touch to your PC.

After your PC has detected your Kindle Touch device, you should be able to open it using your file manager. Copy the the firmware update file to the root folder of the Kindle Touch device as follow:


After the file is copied, eject your Kindle Touch device from your computer.
You are now ready to apply the update to your Kindle Touch.
To apply the update, go to the Settings page as stated above when we wanted to check for the firmware version. Then on the Settings page, click on the menu button and select “Update Your Kindle” button.



A “Update Your Kindle” dialog would popup. Click on the “OK” button on the dialog to proceed with the update.


After you clicked the “OK” button, the device will restart to apply the update.
You may see the following screen.


Gradually, the update process will end.
And you will see that your Kindle Touch is updated to the version of the firmware update that you downloaded.

If you proceed to register your Kindle Touch, you should be successful this time round.

Hope this helps.

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