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Connecting to OpenSSH server using MobaXterm

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This blog post covers connecting to the openssh server installed on Ubuntu server using MobaXterm.

Testing OpenSSH

I want to connect to the openssh server.
For this purpose, I use MobaXterm from Mobatek (http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/).
This is a terminal application with a few other tools built-in.
It has a professional edition which cost money and a home edition that is free.
For our local development purpose, the free edition is fine.

Alternatively, there’s the putty-series (http://www.putty.org/) of applications.

The remainder of this session assumes you are using MobaXterm.

After you start up MobaXterm, you may see a window like the below.
Click on the Session button on the menu.
This will open the Session Settings dialog.


On the Session Settings dialog, click on the SSH button on the top menu.


Under the Basic SSH settings tab, enter the name of the remote host.
Click the OK button to connect to the server.


After you clicked OK, MobaXterm will start your session on a new tab.
You should see your usual login prompt.
You should be able to login to your account as usual.


File transfer using SFTP

You can transfer files from your Windows machine to your Ubuntu machine using SFTP (Secure-FTP).
One the tools built-in the MobaXterm client is a SFTP client.
Click on the SFTP tab to display the directory and files in the directory.


To transfer files, simple drag and drop the files that you want to transfer in the area showing files in specified directory.

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