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My first Ubuntu blog post

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I just install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) onto my desktop. Installation was quite smooth 😀

And since I have not touch this blog for quite some time (since April), I decide to use this blog to post more of my experiences (read struggles) with Ubuntu on this blog. I feel that this is needed since I tend to forget what are the exact procedures to perform to do certain tasks in Linux (I’m a Windows user in my everyday working life).

I am writing this blog post using the latest version of BloGTK which currently seems to be one of the better offline blogging client available on Linux although I must admit, its still pretty painful to use as it is mainly a html editor not a WYSIWYG editor but I guess functionality-wise, its ok. At least it allows me to post blogs to Windows Live Spaces. Complains, complains…;-)

Blogging via email

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For blogging via email, the basic 3 tags that you must remember is TCT. T-title


Mobile blogging

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This is my first blog post using my Samsung Wave II phone.

What I’m really doing is composing an e-mail on the phone and then posting it to WordPress.

This reminds me, I need to find some time to write up some material on Bada development.

My email post

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This is my sample post to try out e-mail blogging.

My first blog post

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This is my first blog post on zxtech.wordpress.com.

I decide to restart a technical blog post and decide to host it WordPress now (it was previously on Windows Live which is now no more)

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